TITLES – Modern Sounds

Album: Modern Sounds

Artist: Titles

Label: Safety Meeting

Release Date: March 24, 2013

Titles March 24



 You wouldn’t expect a band’s swan song to be all rainbows and teddy bears would you? Modern Sounds, the final record from San Francisco/New haven, CT-based band Titles is a bit of a bummer, but it’s intentional.

 Brad Amorosino’s melancholy croons lay nicely over the lush, sometimes jangly pop contributed by his band mates across the country (the singer living in San Fran recorded his parts first before shipping them back to his buddies in New Haven to incorporate their contributions). The result is surprisingly seamless.

 Though the songs don’t deviate too much from track to track, Modern Sounds still manages to elicit a cozy feel. The album closer (naturally), “Wild Blue” in particular is one of the strongest offerings.  As this is the group’s final record before breaking up, it serves as a nice soundtrack to endings and goodbyes. Perhaps there’s a new genre in there: Sad Bastard Music for those moving on to other things.   

 DOWNLOAD: “Be Not Afraid,” “Poltergeist,” “Wild Blue”

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