TITLE FIGHT – Hyperview

Album: Hyperview

Artist: Title Fight

Label: Anti-

Release Date: February 03, 2015

Title Fight 2-3



 The guys that make up Kingston. PA’s Title Fight must have known they were going to piss off some folks with Hyperview.

The band’s 2011 debut, Shed, was a barrage of loud drums and distorted guitars, followed the next year by Floral Green, a record that still drew greatly from post-hardcore and early emo bands, a bruising, but impressive soundtrack.

The announcement then that the band had signed to Anti-Records, the indie sister label to the more punk-heavy Epitaph, brought about confusion for many who associate Anti- with everything from Tom Waits to a slew of World Music bands. Just minutes into their third album Hyperview, though, their new home makes much more sense. With this collection 10 new songs, the band has done something most punk bands haven’t been allowed to do in the past: grow up.

This new record finds the band reveling in influences closer to The Smiths, Sunny Day Real Estate and a slew of Shoegaze bands of the ‘80s and ‘90 more than the tourment-heavy records of their teen years. There is nothing particularly revolutionary about the new record, rather it is a band finding confidence in a sound that’s new to them.

By embracing new influences and not simply putting out the expected punk rock record yet again, the band has set themselves on the path to long-term relevancy and prevented the 30-year old versions of themselves from having to take the stage at a future Vans Warped Tour to sing about teenage angst.

 DOWNLOAD: “MRAHC,” “Liar’s Love” and “New Vision”



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