Tiny Masters of Today – Skeletons

January 01, 1970





This rusty-butt pair of Brooklynites –  brother Ivan and sister Ada, currently aged 16 and 14 – who won fans
like David Bowie and musical acquaintances Russell Simins, Fred Schneider and
YYY Nick Zinner with their first bratty Stooges-y, Shaggs-y, Wire-y recordings
are back; older and wiser. Their garage-riff rockouts are still minimal.
They’ll pummel listeners and haters with sticks and drums and squeak out their
lyrics as if shouting through Sippy Straws. They like pop charts and bomb
dropping of the party kind. That’s the kid stuff. Be proud of it. Yet, though
they’re apt to stumble and do pretentious things (“Two Dead Soldiers”) there’s
a keen sense of development here. While “Skeletons” sounds a twitchy sense of
frustration that’s uniquely panicky, “Ghost Star” finds the pair going
psychedelic and killing things as they’re driving. Good stuff. Now will
somebody call their mom before they hurt somebody?


Standout Tracks: “Skeletons,” “Pop Chart” A.D. AMOROSI


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