TINDERSTICKS – Across Six Leap Years

Album: Across Six Leap Years

Artist: Tindersticks

Label: Luckydog

Release Date: November 12, 2013

Tindersticks 11-12



English art popists Tindersticks formed back in 1991 and have since kissed the earth several times over with a haunting and unique style of Gothic soul music that sounds like nothing else across the airwaves.

And right in line with their unorthodox artistry, the celebrated Nottingham act led by the esteemed Stuart A. Staples commemorate their 21st anniversary with the release of Across Six Leap Years.

Recorded at the Beatles’ old Abbey Road haunt–the storied Studio 2–the band follows up their 2012 comeback The Something Rain with ten songs cherry picked from their nine-LP strong catalog and revamped them for the new century. Cuts like “She’s Gone” from the group’s self-titled 1995 album, “If You’re Looking for a Way Out” off 1999’s Simple Pleasure and “Dying Slowly” from 2001’s Can Our Love… indeed benefit from the sonic upgrading, even if the difference between them and the originals is only unique to the educated ear. Meanwhile, “Friday Night” and “Marseilles Sunshine”, two songs originally intended for the Tindersticks but wound up on Staples’ solo debut Lucky Dog Recordings 03–04, benefit grandly from the full chamber pop sweep of the Tindersticks’ reunited lineup.

Across Six Leap Years is the sound of a legendary band celebrating their rich history while sharpening themselves up for the next 21 years in performance.
DOWNLOAD: “Friday Night”, “Say Goodbye to the City”

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