Timmy’s Organism – Raw Sewage Roq

January 01, 1970

(In the Red)




Timmy Vulgar hails from down Clone Defects and Human Eye
way, but that’s apparently not enough to keep him busy, so it’s off to the land
of the Organism. On the evidence of Raw
Sewage Roq
, that’s a part of the country wear the punk rockers finally
started dropping acid. Vulgar’s second joint (pun intended) with his Organic
trio blasts away with power chords, big riffs and enough snot to use up a
metric ton of facial tissues. But there’s a lysergic edge to most of the cuts –
“Mind Over Matter,” “Low Cut Surgery” and the charming “Bouncing Boobies” sound
like very early Stooges trying to imagine the Brian Jonestown Massacre catalog.
When Vulgar moves away from psychedelic frenzy, it’s merely to indulge in Famous Monsters of Filmland creep-out on
“Monsters Walk” or to drop all frills and just kick out the motherfuckin’ jams
on the appropriately titled “Un-Hook My Leash.” (Though it sounds like he’s
singing/shouting “I hurt my knees!”)


Such a loose grip on self-control can indicate a cavalier
attitude to anything resembling craft, but Vulgar applies his hyperactivity to
real songs with actual melodies, as primitive as they may be. This kind of rock
& roll madness is in short supply these days, so if you’re missing that
kind of abandon, a dose of Raw Sewage Roq will set you right.



My Leash,” “Bouncing Boobies,” “Low Cut Surgery” MICHAEL TOLAND


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