Thrice – Major/Minor

January 01, 1970



On their eighth album, Thrice – among the most
influential post hardcore bands of the past decade – have managed to completely
exorcize their scream-o (and some might argue emo) demons. As a result, they
have never sounded better.


There are bound to be many who will vent that the California band is
losing their edge, but by offering crisp, clean vocals over the band’s former
throat-shredding ways, they are able to highlighting what has always been a strength
for them, though not obvious to all: writing great lyrics. The band divided up
writing duties on this one bringing together the songs once they hit the studio
and the result the record is oddly more consistent than just about any album
since their breakthrough Artist in the


Thrice have never exactly been a group of musicians
to phone it in. In 2005, they infused
their experimental album Vheissu with electronic beats and keyboards, pretty rare for the
genre. And two years later, with The
Alchemy Index
, they turned in a double
CD composed of four parts (24 song total), each showcasing a different style
and themed to the elements (fire, earth, water and air). With Major/Minor Thrice have stripped away
unnecessary studio production, added instrumentation and pretention to offer
simply a great rock album. The last two songs on the record “Anthology” and
“Disarmed” are among the best in their deep catalog.


DOWNLOAD: “Anthology” and “Disarmed”   JOHN


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