Those Darlins – Those Darlins

January 01, 1970

(Oh Wow Dang)


Those Darlins’,
out of Tennessee,
crank a sound as raw and sassy as Wanda Jackson in her prime. These three
20-something ladies – Kelley, Jessi and Nikki Darlin’ – hitch down-home gospel
harmonies to uptempo punk beats, honky tonk guitar riffs to acerbic lyrics.
Trad country subject matter, loving, losing and, especially, drinking, takes on
a willful female streak in these songs. How many guys come home loaded and eat
a whole chicken (“The Whole Damned Thing”)? And only a girl, grounded by a DUI,
would urge her sisters, “Remember if you want to drink and drive/Better find a
boy to take you home at night.”


This spring’s Wild One EP previewed the disc’s three
best songs: “Wild One,” “The Whole Damned Thing” and “Snaggle Toothed Mama.” Since
then, the band and producer Jeff Curtin (Vampire Weekend) have fleshed out the
songs nicely – without sacrificing any of their bite.


Standout Tracks: “The Whole Damned Thing”, “Wild One” JENNIFER


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