Thee American Revolution – Buddha Electrostorm (reissue)

January 01, 1970



You never know
what Robert Schneider is going do next and while the longtime Apples in Stereo
leader has kept most of his music in the pop category he occasionally takes a
odd left hand turn into some previously uncharted waters (for him, anyway…ever
hear the Ulysses record?). Nonetheless, he always adds a unique twist on things
and it’s no different on Buddha
, originally released in ’09 as a split between Garden Gate
Records and Schneider’s own Elephant 6 Recording Co. While these two, Schneider
and his pal Craig Morris, make quite a noisy racket here, noisier than any
Apples record, there are occasional hooks buried beneath those monster fuzz


The songs in
here usually fall into three camps: Spacemen 3-esque done monsters (“She’s Going
Down”), garagey pop nuggets (“Grit Magazine,” “Power House,”, “Blow My Mind”)
or wigged out bluesier jams (“Haircut”). Probably the closest they come to a
straight Apples pop tune is the insanely catchy “Blow My Mind’ while the ultra
wigged-out “Saturn Daze” cranks the needles as far into the red as the red
goes. Although these two probably had a blast recording these songs, for us,
the listeners, the songs lack the chewy, fuzz crunch of most Apples records.
The songs aren’t necessarily bad – just not very memorable.


It will only be
a matter of time before Schneider the mad scientist returns to his basement and
begins yet another musical journey.


DOWNLOAD: “Blow My Mind”, “Sleepwalker” TIM HINELY




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