Thea Gilmore – Liejacker

January 01, 1970



It’s remarkable that even after the illustrious precedents
set in the ‘60s and ‘70s by Dylan, Mitchell, Taylor, Browne and their
like-minded brethren, a new artist could emerge all these years later and still
manage to hit the bar. Liejacker, Thea
Gilmore’s latest album, may not be a masterpiece on the scale of, say, Blue or Blood on the Tracks, but it is an album chock full of alluring,
caressing melodies and hooks that hang around long after the final notes fade


Few artists would have the savvy to match such instantly
indelible offerings as “Come Up With Me” or “Rosie,” two of the more infectious
efforts Gilmore’s got to offer.  The
former boasts one of those catchy choruses worthy of repeated listens, while
the latter comes across as a gentle ramble, its folk-like caress reaffirming
Gilmore’s natural penchant for merging music and meditation. As the title of
opening track “Old Soul” suggests, Gilmore takes her cue from the masters, but
with each new album, she surfaces with a new appeal.


Standout Tracks: “Old
Soul,” “Come Up With Me,” “Rosie” LEE ZIMMERMAN



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