The Young – Dub Egg

January 01, 1970



Matador Records’ 2010 compilation Casual Victim Pile saw the intrepid New York
City indie rock pioneers comb the landscape of music industry
hotbed Austin, Texas for some of the city’s hottest
underground acts.


However, the one group who seemed to have most captured the
imagination of Matador head honcho Gerard Cosloy is The Young, a ragtag quartet
of Lone Star State
savages who the chief hailed as “the next great psychedelic wonder”.
And that is the very sense of promise the combination of Hans Zimmerman
(guitars and vocals), Jason Costanzo (bass), Kyle Edwards (guitars) and Ryan
Maloney (drums) bring and achieve in following up their 2011 Mexican Summer
debut Voyager of Legend with their
first title for Matador.


“There’s echoes of things you’ve heard and loved,”
enthuses Cosloy on the sticker that adorns the cellophane wrapping that encases
Dub Egg on the shelf of your local
record shop as he cites the likes of Crazy Horse, Television, Quicksilver
Messenger Service and The Dream Syndicate as points of reference. Now The Young
is certainly not the first group who’ve reminded folks of these legendary acts.
But never before has there been a band that has brought all those elements
together in a manner so crafted and explosive as these kids do with their
fevered compound of ragged rock and summertime roll. All it takes is a few
concentrated listens to such LP highlights as “Only Way Out”,
“NUMB” and “Talking to Rose” to get where the longtime
indie czar is coming from here, although other discerning ears might also hear
elements of such fellow statesmen as Lyle Lovett at his rawest and Hairway to Steven-era Butthole Surfers
creep through the shards of harmony as well.


Recorded in a cabin between bouts of fishing, BBQing and
games of horseshoes, Dub Egg goes to
show that the future of rock ‘n’ roll in Texas
is alive and well in the heart of The Young.


Way Out”, “NUMB”, “Talking to Rose” RON HART




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