THE VAGABAND – Medicine for the Soul

Album: Medicine For the Soul

Artist: The Vagaband

Label: Eggsong

Release Date: November 25, 2014

Vagaband 11-24


One of the great things about doing music reviews is getting sent all kinds of stuff to review. Some of it’s good and some bad, but the good stuff makes it all worth it. Like this band for instance. The Vagaband hail from the UK (Norfolk to be exactly) and consists of 8 members but the main writers are Jose McGill and Gregory Cook (and it is me or does it seem like every member of this band plays like 10 different instruments each).

Anyway, this is folky roots music complete with banjos, pedal steel, fiddle and the like. Hey, one member even chimes in with a squeeze box (yup). The band has been getting rave reviews all over the world and with good reason, Medicine for the Soul is a record filled to the brim with unstoppable energy, great tunes and heart, lots of heart. They’ve also been a fixture on the UK festival scene as well and thus getting more exposure. A few of my favorite songs include the bouncy “The Whistling Song,” the gorgeous “Lifted” and the sad, stunning title track (they also do a cover of Ween’s “Gabrielle”). I’ll bet that live these folks at a stone-cold hoot and if they make it to my city you can bet I’ll be there.

DOWNLOAD:   “The Whistling Song,” “Lifted,” “Medicine for the Soul”


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