The Sword – Warp Riders

January 01, 1970



When it first appeared on the scene, Austin, Texas
metal troop the Sword stirred up some controversy amongst the blue jean jacket
and spiked belt crowd. Was the band’s combination of Black Sabbath crunch and
Metallica finesse the second coming of traditional metal or just unimaginative


On the evidence of the quartet’s first two albums, the
answer was inconclusive, enjoyable as both records are. But Warp Riders, the band’s third album, offers
the definitive resolution in the simplest way possible: by obliterating the
question completely. As its 70s-meet-80s thrashstomp reaches its full potency
on “Tres Brujas” and “Astraea’s Dream,” the Sword moots any controversy over
its relevance to today’s headbanger. With catchier hooks, more thundering
rhythms and more power all the way around, Warp
is simply an asskicking metal record, more likely to induce wild
hair spinning and sloppy air guitar than pondering of intentions.


Is the Sword the new deity of heavy metal? Who cares? Warp Riders fucking slays and that’s


Brujas,” “The Chronomancer I & II” MICHAEL TOLAND



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