The Soundtrack of Our Lives – Throw It to the Universe

January 01, 1970

(Yep Roc)


Rumor has it that Throw
It to the Universe
is the final hurrah for The Soundtrack of Our Lives,
which is apparently proof that good things do indeed come to an end. (Dammit.)
If this record is any indication, this final closing of the doors has nothing
to do with the creative shelves being empty.


The Swedish sextet really explores its psychedelic side
here, with a series of sweeping ballads and thoughtful anthems. “Reality Show,”
“Busy Ride” (with its Beatlesque backing harmonies) and the impossibly lovely
“You Are the Beginning” give lush treatment to some of the band’s most
beautiful melodies, accompanied by some of Ebbot Lundberg’s most reserved but
trenchant singing. “Solar Circus,” “Waiting For the Lawnmowers” and “Free Ride”
dip into the group’s acid-laced folk rock bucket – pretty, enigmatic and
surprisingly soulful. “If Nothing Lasts Forever,” the title track and the
stunning “Faster Than the Speed of Light” favor midtempo grooves but grand
arrangements, shining widescreen across the night sky and giving voice to the
stars. The band brings it home with the cautiously hopeful “Shine On,” another
luscious folk rock ballad in which Lundberg quietly insists, “There’s another
day after tomorrow” – we can only hope he’s right.


The album seethes and broods rather than burns, and a couple
of TSOOL’s patented Big Rock Anthems wouldn’t have hurt. But the band’s
songwriting mojo produces the most consistent tunesmithery it’s had since Behind the Music, which makes argument
difficult. Surprisingly sedate for a final blow-out, Throw It to the Universe sends The Soundtrack of Our Lives down the
road to retirement with beauty, class and grace. 


Than the Speed of Light,” “You Are the Beginning,” “If Nothing Last Forever” MICHAEL


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