The Soft Moon + Noveller 4/21/15, Denver

Dates: April 21, 2015

Location: Marquis Theatre, Denver CO



Sometimes going out on a Tuesday night is tough. It’s the beginning of the work week and us oldsods would rather be home. I was told by friends that this show at Denver’s Marquis Theatre would be worth it so not only did I go, but I showed up enough to catch the 2nd band, Noveller. Not really a band but one woman, Sarah Lipstate (above), who hails from NYC and plays an electric guitar with a ton of fx pedals (looped and occasionally use a violin bow on the guitar). She played about a half hour and eeked out some truly intriguing sounds out of her instrument. The crowd certainly appreciated it giving her a bigger round of applause with each song. It takes guts for anyone to get up there armed with only a guitar but Lipstate looked like the true pro that she is. Pure passion.

Soft Moon

The Soft Moon leader Luis Vasquez stated to the crowd early in the set, “Sorry for the low energy but we all have the flu.” Umm…pardon me sir but I see no lack of energy, you guys rock. Again, if there was a lack of energy I certainly didn’t notice it. I have never seen this NYC bunch before but I’ve liked what little I’ve heard from their three records and am a big fan of their label, Captured Tracks, as well. Vasquez and his two cohorts, one on drums and the other playing bass and, on occasion, keyboard tore through a righteous set of art-damaged, pulsing tunes. I kept reading that they were influenced by Joy Division and while I did herar that I also heard some Killing Joke, Big Black and Cabaret Voltaire (among others) in the mix. At times beautiful and other times punishing, but one thing the set was not was boring. A good chunk of the set was from the recently released Deeper but they tossed in a few older cuts as well. From said new record we heard “Black,’ “Wasting,” “Try” and “Wrong” among others.

These guys have a workmanlike approach to it all. On one hand they want the crowd to be entertained, but on the other, they have a job to do and don’t want anything or anyone to stand in their way. The way it should be.


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