THE REATARDS – Grown Up, Fucked Up

Album: Grown Up, Fucked Up

Artist: Reatards

Label: Goner

Release Date: August 21, 2015

Reatards 8-21

The Upshot: 1999 release now reissued to make the loss of Jay R all the more palpable.


The two Reatards records that I own, Not Fucked Enough and Bed Room Disasters, both released on Seattle’s Empty Records, are filled with the kind of unhinged punk rock that only a young person who didn’t care (but totally cared ) could create. This new Reatards’ record, Grown Up, Fucked Up, was originally released on Empty Records in 1999 and it was Jay Reatards’ sophomore release (after his debut Teenage Hate from the year before). And what else can I say, it’s great.

Jay and his two cohorts , Redd on guitar/vocals and Rich Cook on drums cooked up some of the most raw, manic and wild punk rock of the era (or of any era, really). Give one listen to “Sat. Night Suicide” and just listen to Jay blathering at the end, but then there’s an obvious nod to 50’s doo wop with the swaggerin’ “Heart of Chrome “(which is a cover of The Persuaders, by the way). A few more favorites here include “No One Stands Me” and the jagged “Tonight It’ll Come” and the power poppy “Who Are You?”, but honestly, not a bum track is to be found here.

A few years after this Jay ended up doing the solo thing, putting out a few terrific records for Matador and In the Red labels and then died way too young. If listening to this isn’t inspiration enough for some young folks to go out and start a band then I don’t know what is. God bless the Reatards and all who sailed with them.

DOWNLOAD: “Sat. Night Suicide,” “No One Stands Me,” “Tonight It’ll Come,” “Who Are You?”


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