THE PINX – Freedom

Album: Freedom

Artist: Pinx

Label: self-released

Release Date: March 25, 2016


The Upshot: Car grease, ditch weed, and ‘70s-styled Southern rock out the wazoo.


You can practically smell the car grease and ditch weed by the time you get through the first song off The Pinx’s latest full length, Freedom.

Sounding a lot like the first Black Crowes record, another Atlanta-based band that seemed more content putting on the bell bottoms and jamming’ on ‘70s Southern Rock than jumping onto the latest music trend, The Pinx play solid, at times gritty, rock that tips its ironic cowboy hats to bands like CCR and War, with a little Faces added in for good measure.

While the band is mainly focused on testing the limits of their Marshall stacks, they slow down the tempo a couple of times (“Blue Dream” and “I Got the Cure”) showing a range many rock bands tend to forget about. There are a few redundant songs on the record, but taken as a whole, the weak ones are easily overshadowed by a driving rocker like “Other Side.”

Titling your record Freedom is one thing, but adding the American flag-wrapped muscle car on the cover appears like the band may be showing their cards a little and hinting that this “Aw, hell,” good ole boys façade may be just an act. But screw it, put on or not, they’ve got an album worth of great songs to back it up.

DOWNLOAD: “Blue Dream,” “Other Side” and “Ballad of the Bands”


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