THE NOMADS – Solna (Loaded Deluxe Edition)

Album: Solna (Loaded Deluxe Edition)

Artist: Nomads

Label: Career Records

Release Date: September 24, 2013





Before the Hellacopters and Scandinavia relaunched rock & roll, there was the Nomads. The long-running Swedish quartet justifies its longevity on its eighth LP Solna. With one foot in Nuggets and the other in Detroit, the Nomads blast the cap with “Miles Away,” knocking one guitar-rocking ball after another out of the park. “20,000 Miles,” “Get Out of My Mind” and “Hangman’s Walk” get fists pumping and air guitars waving with practiced ease.


The band indulges its Between the Buttons jones with the dark folk rock of “The Bad Times Will Do Me Good” and adds healthy splashes of power pop to “Make Up My Mind,” “The Way You Let Me Down” and “You Won’t Break My Heart.” Bassist Bjorn Fröberg and producer Chips Kiesbye co-penned a batch of winners here, which lead guitarist Hans Östlund and singer Niklas Vahlberg bring to glorious, blazing life. The Nomads set the standard for Nordic rawk, and while any sense of innovation has long faded, Solna proves that the band still kicks ass in all the right ways.


DOWNLOAD: “Hangman’s Walk,” “The Bad Times Will Do Me Good”

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