Album: Allez Allez

Artist: Night Marchers

Label: Swami

Release Date: January 22, 2013

Night Marchers


 At this point, anything John Reis does comes with heavy expectations. With his work in Hot Snakes, Drive Like Jehu and, of course, Rocket From the Crypt, fans expect everything he touches to be plated in gold. If his work with the Night Marchers is any indication, Reis knows what to do with that kind of hype: ignore it and get down to business. Allez Allez, the band’s second LP, simply does what Reis does best: bash out exciting, tuneful rock & roll songs like it ain’t no thang.

 “(Wasting Away in) Javalinaville” sets pop jangle to garage rock drive, with a jolly coda of “String ‘em up string ‘em up string ‘em up!” “I Wear the Horns” puts a shitkicking backbeat to harp-frosted blues rock for some cool kicks. “2 Guitars Sing” and “All Hits” put a Reissian spin on power pop, giving the moribund genre a smart kick in the #tuchis#. “Fisting the Fan Base” takes on the relationship between music makers and lovers with some rude bluesy rawk. “Pain” finds Reis waxing nearly tender with a hitherto unknown penchant for rock balladry. “Tropical Depression,” “Ned Lud” and “Big in Germany” set the variety aside to just blow the doors off. Ripped to the tits on strong songwriting and rock & roll swagger, Allez Allez burns with both melody and fire.

 DOWNLOAD: “(Wasting Away in) Javalinaville,” “All Hits,” “Fisting the Fan Base”

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