The Moog – Seasons in the Underground

January 01, 1970

(Mu:Sick Recordings)


Sandwiched between two blazing, euphoric rockers – album
opener “Seasons Change in the Underground” and the tidy closer “Hey Little Bird
” — the Moog offer up a set of egocentric rock ‘n’ roll, all kinetic energy
and brash affectation unleashed with the prerequisite riffing, rhythms and
amphitheater ambitions. Truth in billing doesn’t apply; there’s not a
synthesizer in sight, and any ‘70s references target Van Halen as opposed to
Depeche Mode.


If all the above infers a somewhat pedestrian approach, then
it’s well to consider it an accurate description, given that these serviceable
melodies do little more than allow the band to show off their chops, exert some
angst and let loose their enthusiasm. Air guitar aficionados will have a field
day with a song like “I Can’t Wait,” while the fidgety “I Wanna Take You to
Paris” will likely win favor with pop purists, For the most part however,
there’s little here that hasn’t been done before.


A party platter when extra amplitude is called for, Seasons in the Underground still provides
a good bit of upbeat escapism.


“Seasons Change in the Underground, “”I Can’t Wait” LEE ZIMMERMAN

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