THE MONOCHROME SET – Spaces Everywhere

Album: Spaces Everywhere

Artist: Monochrome Set

Label: Tapete

Release Date: March 17, 2015

Mono Set 3-17


The Monochrome Set are one of those bands that I always wanted to hear more of their records. I have a few, sure, and the stuff I owned I really liked with their mix of melodicism, wry humor and ….whatever else that makes the band the Monochrome Set (the records weren’t the easiest to find in our country back then, either). For this record is band is still led by erstwhile leader bid along with two other originals, Lester Square (total rock and roll name) and Andy Warren along with a new drummer, Steve Brummel.

The band sounds as timeless as ever with a batch of 10 classic tunes. Lots of organ, some banjos and I think I even heard a flute as well. “Iceman” starts things off with this cool guitar hook (think Duane Eddy) and the line “Excuse me are you one of us?”which slips right into the melodic, lovely “Fantasy Creatures” with fluid guitar and understated organ. “Avenue” sounds like some lost power pop classic from the late 70’s. Other song titles include “Oh, You’re Such a Star” and “When I Get to Hollywood” so is there a theme here? Perhaps. Bid and his crew are real pros, totally confident. Not a bad cut on here, 10 for 10. It’s only February but I’ve got at least one record that’s gonna make my top 10 of 2015.

DOWNLOAD: “Fantasy Creatures,” “Avenue,” “When I Get to Hollywood”


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