THE MEN – New Moon

Album: New Moon

Artist: The Men

Label: Sacred Bones

Release Date: March 05, 2013



 The rapid development of the Men is a fun saga to watch unfold, especially given the group’s prolificacy. (Four albums in four years? Who’da thunk it?) New Moon, the band’s fourth LP, is only three years out from its garage punk debut, but miles away in terms of aesthetic.

 Gaining more confidence in its songcraft with every release, the Brooklyn quartet pens a dozen tunes for a variety of sonic approaches, all melodic and memorable. From the rocking pop of “Open the Door” and “Bird Song” to the country rock of “The Seeds” and “High and Lonesome,” the Crazy Horse grunge of “I Saw Her Face” to the psychedelic Stooges meltdown of “Supermoon,” the jangle pop of  “I See No One” and “Half Angel Half Light” to the punk ‘n’ roll of “Electric” and “Without a Face,” the Men almost casually demonstrate a mastery of song-based rock & roll that usually comes from decades of work. Decades crammed into only four years, apparently.

 DOWNLOAD: “Without a Face,” “Half Angel Half Light,” “Supermoon”

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