Album: No Sad Songs

Artist: Lilac Time

Label: Tapete

Release Date: April 14, 2015

Lilac Time 4-14


I’ve enjoyed the music of Stephen Duffy’s The Lilac Time for a number of years but had no idea that they/he had been releasing records under this name since the late 80’s. No Sad Songs is their first record in eight years. It’s also the first since Duffy and his bandmate Claire Worrall got married so yes, no sad songs indeed (I missed 2003’s Keep Going but hear it was a much more melancholy affair).

Opener “The First Song of Spring’ (even its title is hopefully) is a slow-building pop song complete with sweeping strings while “She Writes a Symphony’ is more intimate. “Babylon Revisited” has an interesting island flavor to it (mango?) while the title track is quite grand and “Prussian Blue” is all sighing and cooing.

So in the end No Sad Songs isn’t earth shattering or anything, but it find Duffy doing what he’s always done, writing pretty, delicate pop songs that his circle of fans appreciate and for us (and probably Duffy) that’s enough.

DOWNLOAD: “She Writes a Symphony,” “Babylon Revisited,” “Prussian Blue”






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