THE LEGS – The New Memphis Legs

January 01, 1970



Do the Legs” erupts out of a whine
of feedback, its two-chord fury bashed and battered in a kind of raw-edged
parody of the most basic kind of rock and roll. The double guitar onslaught of
Eric Friedl (Oblivians) and James Arthur (Golden Boys) has all the finesse of
chainsaw buzz, the heavy beat (that’s Forrest Hewes of the Neckbones) gallumps
and clatters like broken dishware on a beer -spattered floor.


This is
maybe the best bar band you never heard, recorded through thick fuzz way back
in 2000. Songs are monolithically simple, fueled by lust and liquor and
outsider chutzpah. There’s a cover of the Saints’ “Wild
About You,” several turns rougher and more furious than the original, and a
sarcastic nod to a famous gossip columnist in “Bill Dakota Knows.” Maybe the
best is the very last track, a diesel-motored, smoke-belching riffer that makes
the Standells seem like symphonic composers and KISS seem gender enlightened,
and raises the question, is there any such thing as “Doin’ It Too Hard”? 


DOWNLOAD: “Wild About You,” “Doin’ It Too Hard”  -JENNIFER


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