Album: Beatrice’s Guitar

Artist: Intelligence Service

Label: self-released

Release Date: November 21, 2019


The Intelligence Service fascinate on this record as they take us on a journey to the center of the angst filled soul. The album opens with the appropriately titled track “In a Hole” which is an epic 18-minute, rather unsettling composition that explores the trauma of existence. It’s a journey to hell and back again, presenting catharsis in its purest form.  With dense squally psychedelic stretches punctuated by some amazing organ playing, the band have upped the level of their songwriting in a very serious way. The track is fucking dripping with greatness. I can only imagine that live, this would detonate hard in a a subterranean hall, rife with the smell of sweat and craft beer.

“People are Sleeping” is a toe tapping guttural hymn soaked in a goth punk lacquer. Alex Pen’s vocals are a constant mule kick to the dome that pulverizes everything in sight.  “Hunt You Down” sounds as if Tad Doyle is fronting The Normal. It’s vicious and bathes everything in an acidic vitriol. ”Beatrice’s Daughter” is an off kilter pop song that summons the ghosts of the Velvet Underground, only to eventually to morph into a hornet’s nest buzz upon fade out. “Sicj” sincerely scared me, with its “gotta burn it down burn it to the ground” evil as fuck lyric repeating the whole length of the song. Like the Pied Piper of Hamelin the band lure the listener into an infernal pit of hell with no means of return. Bloodcurdling yet brilliant, I’m not sure how I’ll sleep tonight.

A digital-only title at the moment, this needs a vinyl release. (Read a review of the band’s 2017 album, Transgressors.)

TRACKS TO TRACK DOWN: “In a Hole” “People are Sleeping” “Hunt You Down” “Beatrice’s Daughter” “Sicj”


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