The Goon Sax 11/1/18, Denver

Dates: November 1, 2018

Location: Larimer Lounge, Denver CO

Live at the Larimer Lounge!


If you haven’t heard the Goon Sax you’d better get on it. This Brisbane, Australia trio, of Louis Forster (son of the Go-Betweens Robert) on guitar/vocals, James Harrison on bass and Riley Jones on drums though they all sing and switch insturments at different times, are creating some of the most unquie pop around. And they’re young cats, too! Just out of high school, I think.

This Thursday night at the Larimer wasn’t super crowded, though it should have been, but it didn’t matter, these three plowed on like they were playng to a packed Fillmore.

They played a nice mix of songs off their two full-lengths, 2016’s Up To Anything (released on Chapter Music) and the recently released We’re Not Talking  (on Wichita Recordings) and showed real confidence and quirkyness that can’t be matched (Harrison had on a almost full-length purple raincoat with finger purple gloves as well) while Forster occasionally snarled in between swoons.  The 8-foot tall Forster also occasionally mumbled things into the mic while Harrison ambled about the stage looking like he was sleep walking and Jones sat quietly on the drum kit doing her thing (and very well I might add).

At different times throughout the set I heard echoes of The Shaggs, the Television Personalities, Raincoats, Swell Maps and yes, early Go B’s (think that Lost Album period).  They opened up with  few from the new album including “Sleep EZ,” “Losing Myself’ and “She Knows” and later, even without the string section, the brilliant “Make Time 4 Love” sounded excellent, a bit grittier but no less potent. Off the debut we heard gems like “Home Haircuts” and “Anyone Else.”  They ended the short (30-ish minute) set with “Til’ The End” and headed straight for the showers or green room (in this the outside patio).

This is no run of the mill pop band, these guys are a special thing indeed. Wise beyond their years and not afraid to take chances (even if they may not realize it). I’d call ‘em fearless even and fearless with terrific songs is a great combination. Listen (and attend a gig) immediately.

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