The Freddie Steady 5 – 1000 Miles

January 01, 1970

(Steady Boy)


Those with a craving for nostalgia inevitably find a certain
sense of déjà vu in each and every new effort by Freddie Steady Krc and his
colleagues, and, true to form, the six song 1000
is no exception. Krc and company appear to do things the old fashion
way, from running a record label seeped in homegrown values to melding a
distinctly retro sound, one seeped in rockabilly, Mersey Beat and all things


Happily though, there’s never a feeling that they’re merely
mimicking their sources; rather, there’s a genuine inbred honesty that suggests
this Austin Texas five-piece is actually plying their roots. That makes rowdy
rave-ups like “1000 Miles” and “My Whole World” more than mere guilty pleasure
and less like imitation. Sure, there’s more than a hint of familiarity
throughout, especially in the breezy blues of “Like a Bear Loves Honey” and the
stoic sound of “I Will Wait For You.” And on “Crackin’ Up,” when Krc croons,
“Have you every been lonely, have you ever been blue? Have you ever wanted
someone, so much more than they wanted you?,” it’s all but certain that anyone
who’s ever suffered from a bout of romantic angst will find themselves reliving
it again.

DOWNLOAD: “1000 Miles,” “Crackin’
Up,” “I Will Wait For You” LEE ZIMMERMAN

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