The Fray – Scars & Stories

January 01, 1970



difficult to understand why the Fray isn’t regarded as highly as Coldplay. The
Grammy-nominated band has proven once again, on their latest album Scars & Stories, that they have all
the needed elements for big-time arena rockers.


guitars – check.

ballads – check

tales- check.

cover songs into their own cool renditions – check


sorry. It just seems that arena rock is so formulaic it’s tragic because if you
have all the “right” elements, you fit in. But try to add literate
lyrics or share heartfelt yet universal insights and you’re out.


take the band’s musical prowess as a given. You don’t grab a Grammy nomination
if you don’t have those chops. But what sets the Fray apart, again, are the way
they seek out views of the world – and not just about their own lives — and
share their observations through music. As band members have said during
various interviews, they wrote about 70 songs that were contenders for this
album. Most detail some of the poignant memories they gathered while on tour.


“1961” that is about the Berlin Wall and how two brothers on opposite
sides can reconcile- but not really. Or “Heartbeat,” that was
inspired by the hope Isaac Slade found in people that live in wretched
circumstances in Rwanda.


could go on, but you get it. Plenty of musicians make it a point to say that
their music is a soundtrack of their lives. What sets the Fray apart is that
they use their music to tell other people’s stories in literate, compelling


Scars and Stories and prepare to be


DOWNLOAD: “Heartbeat,” “1961” NANCY DUNHAM



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