The Field – Looping State of Mind

January 01, 1970



Creating quality dance music is a feat
unto itself. But to craft it in real time with live instrumentation truly
requires a sense of skill and knowledge of music that few DJs and producers
currently shaking rumps in the club possess.


And such cognizance to think outside of
the box of his art is precisely the reason why Axel Willner has been held in
such regard with tastemakers the world over since his emergence onto the scene
with his acclaimed 2007 debut under his stage name The Field, Here We Go
For Looping State of Mind, the Stockholm microhouse maven’s
third LP under his one of many pseudonyms (which also include Lars Blek, porte,
Cordouan and James Larsson), Willner continues to explore the capabilities of
his continued excursions into the world of electro-organic interplay. Expanding
upon the style that he implemented on 2009’s Yesterday and Today, Axel
moves into a more naturalized environment across these seven new tracks through
the incorporation of such acoustic instruments as grand piano and double bass
into the warm cascades of live-programmed samples generating the cyclical
rhythms laid down by skilled new drummer Dan Enqvist. He joins Willner and
multi-instrumentalist Andreas Söderström in driving lengthy jams like
“Arpeggiated Love” and “Then Its White.” It’s a beautiful
collision of the senses that allows the listener to get lost in its grooves
without growing bored, exhibiting an enraptured sense of musicianship within
the realms of dance music not heard since the heyday of Trüby Trio.


“Taking The Field to another
level” was Willner’s quoted intention for the outcome of Looping State
of Mind
. Given the complex menagerie of moods and movements interpolated
amongst the din of this septet of songs, it seems like the man has indeed accomplished
his mission.



Out”, “Arpeggiated Love”, “Then It’s White” RON

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