The Factory – The Factory

January 01, 1970





Defiantly out of step with its peers, the Factory (not to be
confused with Little Feat founder Lowell George’s earlier group the Factory) danced
its way through and around the hardcore, stoner metal and indie rock-centric
D.C. club scene from the mid-80s to the early ‘90s. Decked out in rumpled suits
and Aquanet-abused hairdos, the sextet reached back to the pre-Ramones days of
punk, taking its inspiration from not only the New York Dolls, the Saints and
the Rolling Stones, but the R&B that inspired their heroes in the first


Which isn’t to say that the ‘70s wave of punk didn’t have an
impact – sneering attitude pours from practically every note. But the band’s
fondness for bright pop hooks and greasy grooves and frontman Vance Bockris’
attempts to channel both Chris Bailey and David Johansen at the same time put
the Factory squarely on a flamboyant, scarf-embroidered stage apart from its
fellow D.C. denizens. Recorded mostly in the mid-80s, the ten tracks on The Factory represent the group’s entire
recorded legacy, and the irresistible melodies and rock & roll drive of
“True Romance,” “Love to Dance” and “Self-Submission” make one wish this
Factory was still open.


DOWNLOAD: “Self-Submission,”
“True Romance,” “Love to Dance” MICHAEL TOLAND

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