The David Mayfield Parade – The David Mayfield Parade

January 01, 1970

(9th Grade Records)


David Mayfield is one versatile Nashville cat. He used to
gig around as a hired gun, playing guitar for country ace Andy Griggs, and he’s
spent the last couple years as a member of experimental newgrass crew Cadillac
Sky. Recently, though, Mayfield was encouraged by his buddies the Avett
Brothers to make a solo record. The result, The
David Mayfield Parade
, is a new direction with Mayfield moving toward
lovesick vintage country and old-school soulful pop.


One thing Mayfield definitely took from the Avetts is that
there’s no shame in wearing your heart on your sleeve. With a voice that’s as
cozy and comforting as James Taylor by a winter evening fire, Mayfield spends
the album’s 11 tracks trying to perfect the love song. Whether he’s playing it
through the scope of a Buddy Holly-style rocker (“Noreen”), a delicate folk
ballad (“Blue Skies Again”), or a waltzing duet with Caitlin Rose (“Faraway
Love”), Mayfield finds plenty of interesting ways to deliver his heartbroken
troubadour message.


He also gets plenty of help from his friends, as Scott and
Seth Avett lend their typically infectious ragged harmonies to the rootsy
stomper “I Just Might Pray,” and Mayfield’s singer-songwriter sister, Jessica
Lea, adds soft backing vocals to the album’s lone cover, a fitting rendition of
Don Gibson’s “Sea of Heartbreak.”  


Might Pray,” “Blue Skies Again” JEDD FERRIS

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