The Cult – Choice of Weapon

January 01, 1970

(Cooking Vinyl)


Early in The Cult’s career, the band was known for
constantly changing its style, from post punk goth to hippy alt rock to
down-and-dirty guitar-driven arena rock. They aptly
merged those styles when they teamed up with producer Bob Rock on their best
selling Sonic Temple. Since then, they’ve stuck to
a more basic, classic rock assault. On their latest effort, Choice of Weapon, which marks the band’s
first release of new material in five years, and yet another collaboration with
Bob Rock, as well as co-producer Chris Goss, they don’t deviate much from their
tried and true approach.


There’s no mistaking Ian Astbury’s powerful vocal delivery,
nor Billy Duffy’s signature guitar squeal. 
Standout tracks include “Honey From a Knife” (based on the
Buddhist teaching about the seductiveness of addiction) and “For The
Animals”, which deals with the rage and hostility of a disenfranchised youth
growing up. The band is truly in fine form on “Lucifer” and the bonus track
“Embers” ranks amongst their best. While the pomp and sense of urgency may be
gone from the band’s ’90s heyday, this is a solid effort and a worthy choice
for rock fans who want something loud to drive fast to.


DOWNLOAD: “Embers,”
“Honey from a Knife” JOSE MARTINEZ



See the current print
edition (#12) of BLURT for an interview with Ian Astbury.





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