THE COAL MEN – Escalator

Album: Escalator

Artist: Coal Men

Label: Aimless

Release Date: August 27, 2013

Coal Men Aug 27




 Dave Coleman and his band’s fifth album is a hodge podge of stripped-down rock and roll that ricochets around a pinball machine of pop punk, bluesy stomp and straight-ahead classic rock. “Last Goodbye” and the title cut take their cue from the late 70s groove of Elvis Costello and Graham Parker while “Stuck” and “Better Than” trample afoot with more than a passing nod to Cream and Zep. There’s some bashing and banging about in the spirit of Waits and Lanois (“Sanity”) that adds some charm but, in the long haul, this record never says “dance your ass off” or “drop a dime on your therapist.” What it says, sadly, is that producer Joe Garcia didn’t have a clear vision of what to do with a guy who’s a better than average songwriter and a fiercely talented guitarist. Better luck next time.



DOWNLOAD: “Last Goodbye,” “Sanity”


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