THE CANNANES – Small Batch

Album: Small Batch

Artist: Cannanes

Label: Lamingtone/Exro FM

Release Date: March 19, 2013



This long-running Aussie bunch, led by the husband/wife team of Stephen “Hairy” O’Neill and Frances Gibson, have been releasing charming indie pop for decades now though mostly flying under the radar. Here they return with 6 songs for their first (small) batch of songs in many years. Seeing a new record by this band is akin to seeing an old friend who’s been out of your life for a while only to return with a box of Russell Stovers.

Opening cut “Bumper” is pure classic Cannanes with that unmistakable bounce they’ve know for while “Crawler” is slower, eerier and even prettier. “Basics” seems to be a slight electronic experiment and definitely not the band at their best while “Molecule”, also of the electronic variety works a bit better (again, still not his band’s forte).  Of the final two cuts “Tiny Compartment” is a dreamy pop tune and cd-ending “Zone” they once again crank up the beats but add some funk and it works!

Not the band’s best, but with a .500 batting average here, a welcome return.

DOWNLOAD: “Bumper,” “Tiny Compartment,” “Zone”

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