The BoDeans 10/22/15, Park City UT

Dates: October 22, 2015

Location: Egyptian Theatre. Park City, UT



A night of good surprises – arrive in Park City, UT for a long weekend and see the BoDeans are playing 3-nights at the historic Egyptian Theater right there on Main St.  Always wanted to see these guys, so it was a pre-Halloween treat.   Surprised this truly great venue let me in with my camera gear sans photo pass.  And surprised and happy to see Kenny Aronoff back behind the BoDeans drum kit doing his usually amazing job.  Not surprising was this band living up to its reputation as one of the best live acts of our time.   Outstanding songs and harmonies.  Musically tight, diverse, and adventurous.

Currently the BoDeans are band founder and frontman Kurt Neumann (guitar & vocals), Kenny Aronoff (drums), Stefano Intelisano (keys & accordion), Warren Hood (fiddle), Eric Holden (bass), Chris Szebeni (backing vocals and percussion).  In for Sam Hawksley (guitar & vocals) on this run of shows was Rob Anthony (acoustic guitar).

Neumann’s guitar work is outstanding – great tone, original technique, and he never overplays – restraint is something I admire in a guitarist because it’s much harder and requires greater finesse than the average shredder playing ‘count the notes.’   But you know he could let it rip at any time and still be holding back.  The band has a few November shows in their home state of Wisconsin, and Chicago. And are currently booking shows for 2016 around the US, so don’t miss ‘em.  A splendid night of upbeat, engaging, fun, entertaining music is guaranteed.

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The BoDeans helped usher in the genre we call Adult Alternative, or Americana, or Triple AAA with their first release in 1987, and they continue to explore and work around that target sound.   We hate to categorize any great music, but if you don’t know the BoDeans, that’s a good ballpark.

The BoDeans new release is “I Can’t Stop” available now at the usual outlets, starting with

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