THE BEVIS FROND – Example 22

Album: Example 22

Artist: Bevis Frond

Label: Woronzow

Release Date: October 02, 2015

Bevis 9-11

The Upshot: One hell of a scorching album from Nick Saloman & Co. (Go HERE to read our recent interview with Saloman.


Example 22 from Nick Saloman is one hell of a scorching album that brings back Outskirts of Infinity Guitarist Bari Watts on two of the tracks with stunning results. My love for Bevis Frond has burned strong for over two decades. It’s always an event in my “corner of Beijing” when they release an album. Many column inches have been dedicated to what a brilliant songwriter Nick is and on this record he sails from one high water mark to the next. The band here more than on past outings exhibit a well-lubricated tautness that gives the songs some real balls. Saloman’s guitar is superbly augmented by long time cohort Adrian Shaw (ex-Hawkwind) on bass, which provides a bedrock of support for Saloman’s songwriting and guitar flights.

Everyone has a different side of the Bevis Frond that they like. For some it’s the blistering psych movements of old, or the heavier numbers, and still for others it’s the poppier numbers. On this record you’ll find it all. Personally I happen to still love the heavy numbers that we could hear on albums like the Bevis and Twink record Magic Eye from 20 years ago. Thankfully and I’m not dismissing the other numbers on the record but the heavier stuff is what I was able to immediately gravitate towards. I was psyched to see Bari Watts on the album as he lends the two tracks he appears on the fuck yeah, heavy psych vibe that I so crave from Bevis Frond songs.

My personal tastes aside, the record displays through its almost 72 minutes the extremely well crafted songs you’ve come to expect from The Frond. Take for example the track “Longships” which would’ve been easily at home on London Stone, it’s that good of a tune. Nick and crew seem to be going through another renaissance, which is a wonderful thing for fans and new listeners alike, now if only they’d come to Beijing.

DOWNLOAD: “Longships” “I Blame The Rain” “Stand Back From The Hand” “Second Son”


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