The Beets – Stay Home

January 01, 1970

(Captured Tracks)



One’s first impression of The
Beets might regurgitate memories of school days; hanging out with pals in the
stairwell of the dorm or on a pal’s front porch and being entertained by a few
guys who have a band or are thinking about assembling one, who are plunking out
some new tunes for their friends. Their musical attitude comes from a place
where they would want to call their first album Spit in the Face of People Who Don’t Want to be Cool.  The songs are cool and everyone has a great



Actually, what you DO get with
The Beets is, that the production on Stay
DOES sound like it was recorded in a stairwell, with the hard acoustic
amplification and slight echo it provides, and they DID name their first album Spit in the Face of People Who Don’t Want to
be Cool
. The Queens, NY trio have been performing their little strum-alongs
in party-like surroundings for five years now, usually with an audacious effect
on their audiences. Many of the songs on Stay
are slow to mid-tempo concoctions that cleverly blend a ‘60’s garage
sound with a ‘60’s folk delivery. These are rather basic little tunes, without
much meat on their bones. Think lo-fi downshifting into no-fi. Think Harlem
slowed down and with only acoustic guitars. The songs usually feature duo
vocals of head Beet, Juan Wauters and long-time buddy Jose Garcia singing
together. If all this sounds as weak-kneed as a stool-mounted, manically
depressed, guitar strumming folksinger bleating his intellectually deep, but
ultimately gloomy songs in a café corner, rest assured it isn’t. Kumbaya this
ain’t. The lyrics are smart and hip, never stilted, preachy or political, like
traditional folk or James Taylor treacle.



Each song expands with a couple
of listens, and dismisses any notion that many seem to sound alike at first. I
will posit that the few songs where they pick up speed, are little nuggets.
“Knock On Wood” is about as non plus ultra as a two-minute song can be, not to
mention catchy. “Floating” is about a stoner’s day of just hanging out on the
grass, enjoying the sun and rain, going home to chill some more….



Oh, the clouds were floating, Yeah yeah,/

They were all inside my head, Yeah yeah,/

I thought that I was floating, Yeah yeah,/

But I was lying on my bed, Yeah yeah, Oh yeah.



 “Watching TV” is just that, a fast-strumming
paean to watching television! Can I come over and watch? Pass the popcorn,
please! The theme here is, after all, staying home! Do The Beets rock? Folk



BONUS: Free download of new single – “Time Brought Age.”



DOWNLOAD: “Knock On Wood”, “Watching TV”, “Cold Lips.”  BARRY ST. VITUS


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