The Baseball Project – Volume 2: High and Inside

January 01, 1970



and pop music have always been well-suited for each other – both are all about
getting hits – and there have been some classic baseball-themed rock tunes,
like Earth Opera’s “The Red Sox Are Winning” and Todd Snider’s “America’s
Favorite Pastime.” On its second album, the Baseball Project (Steve Wynn, Scott
McCaughey, Peter Buck, Linda Pitmon) has brought a sustained literary quality –
a Boys of Summer-infused glow, by
turns celebratory and melancholy with touches of wry humor – to the subject.


few songs are too prosaic or nostalgic, but many are specific, concise, tightly
rockin’ tales with a bittersweet dimension, like Wynn’s “1976,” an elegiac
remembrance of the late goofball pitcher Mark “The Bird” Fidrych that also
serves as a tribute to punk. McCaughey’s tragic and imaginatively rhymed
“Buckner’s Bolero,” which has production touches reminiscent of Jan &
Dean’s “Dead Man’s Curve,” is another diamond-in-the-rough. The Hold Steady’s
Craig Finn also guests on a tribute to Minnesota Twins fans called “Don’t Call
Them Twinkies.” Baseball Project has a winning record.


DOWNLOAD: “1976,” “Buckner’s Bolero”

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