The Babies – The Babies

January 01, 1970



More of that
fuzzy/hazy/hooky/lo-fi pop that the kids love. 
This band hails from Brooklyn,
NY (where else) and initially
included Vivian Girl Cassie Ramone and Woods-guy Kevin Norby. Apparently they
lived in the same apartment complex and had wanted to play music together. They
roped in a few more friends, recorded a few quickly sold out singles and then
were contacted by Shrimper head honcho Dennis Callaci about doing a full-length
and the rest, as they say, is history (and it’s big news indeed that the
Shrimper label is still going).


They start
things off with a bang with the low-key “Run Me Over” with wakes up sleepy-eyed
then really begins to get dressed quickly and into a full on sprint (while
trying to catch the bus), then “Sunset” adds more finger-snapping clatter to
the chatter.  “All Things Come to Pass”
is pure ‘60s ebullient bounce (like a day when Spector was in a good mood) and
the flipside is “Meet Me in the City” which is more Count Five on bennies, and
“Personality” kicks it up even a notch from there. (The Sonics on
‘ludes?).  The band seems to have found
its sea legs rather quickly and they’ve got the songwriting thing (mostly)


Now maybe for
some matching outfits and a mascot?


DOWNLOAD: “Personality”, “Meet Me in the City”,
“All Things Come to Pass” TIM HINELY

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