Album: Gravitron

Artist: The Atomic Bitchwax

Label: Tee Pee

Release Date: April 21, 2015



A stoner rock supergroup by default, New Jersey’s Atomic Bitchwax recently surpassed two decades of existence. Consisting of bassist/vocalist Chris Kosnik, drummer Bob Pantella (both currently pulling double duty in Monster Magnet) and guitarist Finn Ryan (formerly of Core), the trio has evolved from its heavy psych jamming origins into a more straightforward rock & roll unit of enormous power.

Like an early ‘70s hard rock band energized by punk, the Bitchwax wastes no time on Gravitron, cramming plenty of riffs, solos and attitude into ten tracks that roar by in 33 minutes. In blazing riffpounders a la “Proto World” and “Sexecutioner,” more melodically crafted rockers like “Ice Age ‘Hey Baby’” and “No Way Man” and instrumentals “Fuckface” and “Down With the Swirl,” the band remains concise, eschewing long beatings for sharp punches to the sternum. Gravitron just plain kicks ass.
DOWNLOAD: “No Way Man,” “Sexecutioner,” “Down With the Swirl”


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