Album: I Declare Nothing

Artist: Tess Parks and Anton Newcombe

Label: A Recordings/Forced Exposure

Release Date: June 30, 2015



Tess Anton 6-29

The Upshot: Faux-psychedelia for hipsters that should be avoided at all costs.


You’d be forgiven if you thought this might be the new Mazzy Star from the greyish purplish tint of the cover to the belladonna drenched vibe of the music. The real head scratcher is that this chick Tess can’t sing. Trying to evoke a late Zabriskie Point type vibe, the album never achieves liftoff. This is primarily because of her I’m too cool don’t need to rehearse let me smoke a pack before recording sound of her voice.

Alan McGee musical impresario of Creation Records fame had a hand in discovering Tess, and that is the only reason why I decided to ride this one out to the last track hoping/praying to see a little of what made the man reach out and want to work with her. Unfortunately this is where his proverbial cupboard runneth bare, because there is little if anything redeeming about this CD.

As I made my way to the final few tracks I was grateful that there were no sharp objects nearby so I could inflict bodily harm on myself. This doesn’t feel like poorly rendered music from a band that comes from some provincial backwater that at least might be forgiven. Instead this project feels as if something more insidious is at work here. I picture a bunch of hipsters in a label office thinking they can take a psych-music vibe mate it with a girl singer who has that long slightly unkempt look to her hair and a look on her face that says she wears sheer black turtlenecks, smokes too much and chews on her nail polish, and then give it that 60’s faded look and then try and pawn it off on unsuspecting punters who dig Mazzy Star or Spacemen 3. Let me declare something, my advice to you is to stay away at all costs!

DOWNLOAD: More like stream instead “Peace Defrost” to hear what I’m talking about.

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