Tennis – Cape Dory

January 01, 1970

(Fat Possum )


You’ve probably heard the story by now and if you haven’t,
well, here it is. Patrick and Alaina met in Denver,
fell in love and dreamt about sailing up and down the Atlantic Coast
so….that’s what they did. Oh sure, looking at them they don’t look like a rock
(or even a pop) couple; he looks like the tennis pro at the local racquet club
and she looks like, well, the wife of a tennis pro at the local racquet club.


Rock/pop or not, these two make it work. The songs snap,
bounce and at times swirl away like Mary Poppins. Opener “Take Me Somewhere”
has this nifty middle part where it shifts gears, change tempos and really
kicks into 4th gear while “Marathon” sounds like what an AM radio
station would be playing now if they still played music, and “South Carolina,”
with Alaina’s double-tracked vocals and that slight hint of fuzz on the
guitars, makes for a real nice slice o’ cake. A bit like She & Him for the
lo-fi set (and this isn’t really that lo-fi). 
A Bahama Breeze, anyone?


Also, with song titles like “Baltimore”,
“South Carolina’ and “Bimini Bay’
who knows, you might even impress your hard-to-impress geography teacher.


Me Somewhere”, “Marathon”, “Pigeon” TIM HINELY

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