Tenacious D – Rize of the Fenix

January 01, 1970





Tenacious D in the
Pick of Destiny
fared poorly in theaters, but rebounded on DVD and the midnight movie circuit. Tenacious D
addresses this on their loosely conceptual
third album where, post-bomb, Jack Black has ditched longtime partner Kyle Gass
to go full-on Hollywood a-hole. This plays out
only on the telltale title track, “The Ballad of Hollywood Jack and the Rage
Kage” and a suite of one-minute songs: the rockabilly rave-up “Rock Is Dead,” metal
ballad “They Fucked Our Asses” and ‘80s action-rock motivator “To Be the Best.”


The other songs are irrelevant to the plot. “Deth Starr” is
about colonizing space; “Low Hangin’ Fruit” is about groupies. “39” is a slightly grown-up ostensible sequel to
the D classic “Fuck Her Gently” that lands somewhere between Jimmy Buffett and
Bob Seger. The upshot of all this is that Tenacious D, as Black mightily
intones, “will fuckin’ riii-i-iiise
!” By delivering yet another viciously fun balls-out rocker of an
album, Tenacious D fuck the critics’ asses. Long may they reign.  


of the Fenix,” “To Be the Best,” “39” RANDY HARWARD


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