Temples 5/27/15, Denver

Dates: May 27, 2015

Location: Bluebird Theatre, Denver CO



Well, it was definitely them. No, I had never seen UKs Temples before but I’d seen plenty of pictures and videos and with leader James Bagshaw’s hair you simply can’t miss that ‘fro so I was sure that this was no imposter band that was playing in their place.

There was a good-sized crowd at the Bluebird Theatre (and my pal and I both opined how this band brought out all kinds of attractive women). And the band seemed ready. The fast success of their debut from last year, Sun Structures, guaranteed a good crowd who wanted to hear the band’s hooky psych-pop.

Bagshaw and co-leader James Smith, he on second guitar and occasional organ, lead the charge (Thomas Walmsley and Samuel Tom round out the quartet on bass and drums respectively).

They opened up with the title track from debut record and from there proceeded to play for the next hour, keeping the crowd swaying and movin’ (and unfortunately, falling, as one gal who did a face plant while on her way to the bathroom).

In addition, “Shelter Song,” “Mesmerize” and “Keep in the Dark” all sounded ace to these ears. Part of the knock on these guys is that with all of their influences (the Byrds, the Nazz, etc.) that they haven’t come up with a personality and/or sound of their own. I get it but I also think that the songs on Sun Structures are too good to ignore. Admittedly, they played their songs and didn’t add a lot of inventiveness (ie: the songs mostly sounded just like the record) and while I didn’t leave the venue feeling exhilarated, I did leave left feeling satisfied and that’s good enough.

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