Telescopes – # Untitled Second

January 01, 1970



assumed this was a different Telescopes than the one that released records on
Creation (and then in America
on the Double Agent label in the 1990s) but it’s the same one. The U.K. band, led by Steve Lawrie, is still active
but these songs were recorded back in 1991/92 and not released until 1994 (in
the U.K.
only). It seems like an odd turn for the usually garage-centric Bomp label but
Bomp has previously dipped both toes into the psychedelia pool and that
description fits this band as good as any.


opener “Splashdown” a piano opens the song rubbed up against by some far away
drums and when the vocals come in the first thing I think of is Spacemen 3
(whose Richard Formby plays on this record) as well as early Cosmic Rough
Riders and Michael Head & the Strands.  That song, like a lot on this
record, is not built on pop hooks but more on stream of consciousness vocals,
waves of guitar that occasionally noodle about and take series of left hand
turns (check out “Spaceships” and “And” for this) and occasionally tribal
drums. At times the songs drone on a bit much, as on “You Set My Soul” but for
the most part it’s an interesting journey and one has to give Lawrie credit for
undoubtedly following his own muse.


“Yeah”, “And”, “Splashdown” TIM HINELY



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