Telepathe – Dancemother

January 01, 1970

(I Am Sound) 


seems like the Brooklyn scene always has one
band leading the way. In 2001, it was The Strokes, spreading their brand of
retro-cool through the borough. A few years later, LCD Soundsystem sprinkled
dance beats over everyone’s indie rock. Today, it seems like there’s hardly an
album recorded in Brooklyn that doesn’t
include a member of TV on the Radio.



latest Brooklynites to land in TVOTR’s orbit are Telepathe, whose debut album
was produced by Dave Sitek and features guest vocals by Kyp Malone. Like TVOTR,
Telepathe slice and dice genres, then patch them together in interesting ways. Opener
“So Fine” sounds like the Cocteau Twins falling out of heaven and into a dance
club, “Devil’s Trident” could be a better version of one of Madonna’s William
Orbit experiments, while “In Your Line” is a classic pop tale of heartbreak
that, if not for the electronics, could have come out anytime in the last 50
years. Like a female version of TVOTR’s Dear Science, Telepathe have the rare
ability to get your butt moving and your brain working at the same time.


Standout Tracks: ” So Fine”  “In Your Line” HAL BIENSTOCK


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