Telekinesis – Telekinesis!

January 01, 1970



Seattle churns out another talented musician
with Michael Lerner, aka Telekinesis. A throwback to ‘60s pop, Telekinesis! is a balanced mixture of
high energy, fast paced, instantly contagious tracks with quiet, heart-felt,
pensive songs. And perhaps appropriately, the album was recorded and mixed on
analog tape. On quiet numbers such as opener “Rust” Lerner’s genteel voice tranquilly
sings, “I’ve got a heart but it’s afraid to love, sometimes I think the damn
thing’s full of rust” and you can hear the ancient cogs of the analog tape



In the studio
Lerner acted alone; he constructed the music, played the instruments, and wrote
the lyrics. Lerner’s words address complex emotions often discussed within
music-loneliness, love, aspirations and dreams-with charming simplicity. In
upbeat track “Tokyo” Lerner shares his experience visiting the captivating
city, only in his dreams; “Imaginary Friend” plays with the notion of “getting
older” as Lerner’s social life plummets when his mother tells him that his
friends “were just pretend.” Telekinesis! is a fine debut which includes memorable songs from the touchingly personal
to the delightfully quirky.



“Coast of Carolina,” “Foreign Room”



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