TEDO STONE – Good Go Bad

Album: Good Go Bad

Artist: Tedo Stone

Label: This Is American Music

Release Date: July 09, 2013

Tedo Stone July 8



 One day Georgian Tedo Stone woke up and realized he had somehow inherited the late Marc Bolan’s androgynous elfin croon. Realizing he had no choice but to become a rock musician, Stone went into a studio and met veteran producer Matt Goldman, who overheard the band and thought it sounded like T. Rex. The two hit it off and the result is Good Go Bad, Stone’s debut full-length record.

 To a certain extent, Stone and Goldman take advantage of the former’s vocal resemblance to glam rock god Bolan. “Taste” exploits a penchant for big hooks that both sneer and pout, while “Who?” draws on pre-”Ride a White Swan” acid folk. But calling Stone a Bolan imitator would be a mistake. Despite the singing similarities, most of the singer/songwriter’s work recalls less overtly familiar signposts – the jangle rock of “Big as the Ocean,” the bright pop of “War” and “High,” the intimate folk of “Circles,” the warm soul-pop of “Time” and the title track. Stone’s versatility and easy way with melody ensures that he walks confidently down any path he chooses, and Goldman’s stripped-down arrangements (just a rhythm section and Stone himself) keep the focus strictly on Stone’s songs and voice. A solid debut, Good Go Bad shows a lot of promise – it could be fun hearing Stone fulfill it.

 DOWNLOAD: “Taste,” “War,” “Big as the Ocean”

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