TEA LEAF GREEN – In the Wake

Album: In The Wake

Artist: Tea Leaf Green

Label: Greenhouse

Release Date: May 14, 2013

Tea Leaf Green



Even after 17 years and nearly as many live and studio releases, Tea Leaf Green remains an ambiguous entity that’s hard to define. With elements of prog, funk, psychedelia, alt and Americana fused to a loose jam band sensibility, any definitive grasp on the band’s MO remains well out of reach. In the Wake consolidates Tea Leaf Green’s style to a certain extent, but even so, there’s enough extraneous indulgence to toss the novice for a loop.

The attractive cover painting – courtesy once again of band member Josh Clark – houses a set of songs that can be edgy one moment, hushed and atmospheric the next. Happily then, the accessibility factor is amped up enough to encourage interest, with the earnest “Someday” (think the Lumineers, Low Anthem and Okkervil River in terms of easy reference), the celebratory “In the Wake,” the heartfelt, horn-infused “One Condition’s Enough” and a surging “Don’t Go” helping fuel the finesse. Given the stutter and shuffle that mark their erratic designs, it may be best to tackle Tea Leaf Green one modest sip at a time

DOWNLOAD: “Someday,” “One Condition’s Enough,” “”Don’t Go”

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