Systems Officer – Underslept

January 01, 1970

(Temporary Residence)

Systems Officer is the solo project of Armistead Burwell Smith IV, better known
to most as the bass player for Pinback and Three Mile Pilot. Underslept, his latest solo outing, the
first full-length under this name, is a richly layered and nuanced math-pop
affair. Any of its songs would feel right at home on a Pinback record. This is
not to say that Systems Officer sounds exactly like his other band, but the
instrumentation, production, and overall song structures are close enough to
draw an immediate comparison.


Smith’s trebly, spindly bass playing anchors the songs and
is often mixed to the front and center, as is frequently the case with Pinback.
And his vocals, which usually punctuate Rob Crow’s verses as background or
chorus helpers, capably take the reigns here. Sometimes, as on the loping
“East,” the results are sort of melodramatic and near characterization as
sappy, but the same emotions are rendered effective and emotive on a song like


Upbeat rock exists only as slightly less somber pop on the
record, such as the marching “In This World,” which sports multi-layered vocals
over a minor key dirge. For all of Smith’s dexterous bass playing and flair for
inventive arrangement, the album feels locked into place, operating with one
feeling, one mood throughout. Fortunately, Smith’s ability to write a good song
and perform it interestingly fends off any monotony.


 Standout Tracks: “Pacer,” “Quan” JONAH FLICKER


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