SWEET TALK – Flash of Light 12” EP

Album: Flash Of Light

Artist: Sweet Talk

Label: 12XU

Release Date: May 06, 2014

Sweet Talk 10-29



Though Austin’s 12XU doesn’t specifically devote its resources to Texas bands, when it does zero in on Lone Star tuneage, it tends to come up aces. Case in point: Austin quartet Sweet Talk, who initially pinged the indie radar in 2013 with Pickup Lines, a riotous celebration of muscular, punk-tilting power pop. Now they’re back with a six-song followup, although to term it a “stopgap EP” or a similar label would be a huge disservice—these guys, in particular songwriter/guitarist Stephen Svacina, had the proverbial “all killer/no filler” equation committed to memory when they went into the recording studio.

The romping Britpunk (think Jam meets Undertones) of “Microphone”; the anthemic blare ‘n’ throb of “Fade Away”; the melodic Midwestern strut of the title track (which brings to mind our heroes Death of Samantha); these are classic tunes writ small but delivered large, the kind destined to have entire rooms of punters hoisting pints aloft and singing along at the tops of their lungs. And while no one’s trying to reinvent the wheel here, some things don’t need messing with: these gentlemen understand what they want to do, and they go right out and do it, in spades.

Give it a spin—on blue or black wax, take your pick—and you’ll become a believer, trust me.

DOWNLOAD: “Flash of Light,” “Fade Away”

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